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Libra is the judge. Always remember that the Libran argues with only an abstract curiosity. Nor is he as nosy and gossipy as he seems to be.

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All this makes him terribly trustworthy, but a little hard on your feelings. You can confide in him with faith. He has enough trouble coping with his own.

Nothing can be more irritating than when you rush to him with a story about how someone has hurt you deeply. You seek sympathy, and what do you get? It may seem unbelievable that he can be so intuitive about the abstract, so brilliantly logical in deduction, so capable of clear, open-minded and open-eyed deliberation, and still be so aggravatingly obtuse about what makes you ache or thrill inside.

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His gentleness and that smile, of course, make it easier to bear. On the contrary, the typical Libran has a rather lavish hand with cash. He believes in spending it on objects or activities that bring beauty or happiness. Crowds of strangers affect his inner equilibrium. All Librans have an instinctive distaste for physical contact with masses of humanity. A Libra man can suddenly leave you alone in a crowded theater with no explanation.

He was just overcome with claustrophobia, a typical Ubran affliction. If you must make onion soup and garlic bread, spray pine-scented deodorant around until the house smells like the great northern woods. A wife who serves a Libran husband bread right out of the wrapper, makes him use paper towels for napkins and leaves the milk bottle or cereal box out where he can see them is beaded for the life of a not-so-gay divorcee sooner than she may think.

Hanging stockings across the shower rod is out. Forgetting to dust or make the beds can keep him in a constant state of emotional discord. Hell retreat from the disharmony with longer and longer naps and more and more nights out alone, and eventually, there will be no communication.

Better keep the decor pastel. With the typical Libran kindness, he may not complain, but his secretary and her exquisite taste may look more attractive to him every day. The Libra male hates confusion, and he really needs harmony to remain stable. His home must be a beautiful, quiet oasis from the jangling discord of the outside world, or those scales may remain permanently out of balance. He may not realize he hates the orange shower curtain or that the lithograph of George Washington crossing the Delaware which hangs over the mantle goes against his artistic grain.

Pick up the papers and toys, spruce, Up the house, dab on your best perfume, take the curlers out of your hair, turn down the television, buy some heavenly blue shower curtains and get a good Degas print to replace George over the mantle. But after they arrive, he weighs the advantage of their love against loneliness, plunges into fatherhood with a sincere desire to enjoy it, and normally ends up as a doting parent. With typical Librans of both sexes, the mate comes first, offspring second.

One final word of astrological advice.

Libra And Libra Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Hell be relieved that you took the initiative. I believe this is where I came in. All the subjects will be enthralling because of the logical, intellectual aspect Libra brings to the analysis. Definitely open. And, naturally, vice versa. Next, picture these same two Librans hitting a down-swing together, in unison. Libra sternly pronounces the judgment of Truth and Justice, then is counseled gently by Venus to suspend the sentence — to grant to the contrite accused and to the sorrowful guilty their freedom… and another chance.

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Post Pagination Next Post Next. Like it? Share with your friends! Been that way for almost 7 years. I have never dated a Libra man. We had very little in common, and towards the last 15 years of our 34 yr.

He went through his midlife crisis and had 2 affairs that I know of. I divorced him in my mind. He took one of the other bedrooms and it became his.

He finally passed away in I am looking for an eligible man a gentleman who is between Some 70 — 80 year old men look and act a lot younger than their age and can still perform. That may be partially true, but not as far as I am concerned. My sex drive is still and not Age is just a number, but never stop trying and you can succeed. So, I am an Aquarius woman and am looking for my Libra man. If you have seen him, let me know.

Cheers to us seniors…. First time i saw her i felt like i was falling in love , like in 3 second i felt for her. Time passes and i turned 19 traveled in world and coming back to my home country second day i saw her online on facebook and i called her , i was with a couple of friend at my place and i asked her if she want to come over , she said yes i coming with my cousin i said yea that cool , after that day we started hanging ouy every day for like 1 month and a half , she had this thing with a guy that disrespected her and she turned him off completely when she started hanging with me.

I forgot to mention we stayed at her place cause she was living with her cousin alone cause her parent where in london and she stayed home to finish school. Anyway when i left she was so upset like i could see on her face that she is very upset … she decided that she would wait for me. Your email address will not be published. Get to know you or your relationship on a deeper level! Ever wonder why you are a Scorpio, but all of your friends and lovers are Leos? The explanation is in the stars. First Name. Subscribe Now.

Follow on Instagram. Aquarius Woman — Libra Man aquarius , libra. Aquarius values friendship in a relationship more than anything. Their definition of love and friendship are usually the exact same. The important things to him will be to have a peaceful and harmonious environment. Considering she is so unconventional, this will be something that she has to work on for him. This sign needs to rest more than any other sign, as I have mentioned in previous posts.

If you join him while he is resting bring your voice down, talk about positive things, and stay as calm as you possibly can. Sexually they are very compatible, but there are two things that will turn each other off. If he ever makes her upset by making her feel like he is not her friend, and if she ever makes him feel stupid about anything.

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They of course do these things unintentionally, but it is good to be aware of this. Their love for one another has a lot of depth. There is nothing aggressive or forceful about how these two make love. They can vibe on the same wavelength without speaking to one another which makes them feel close.