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Always ready to instigate others and start something new, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are the true trailblazers of the zodiac.

Andi asks is your Birthday January 1st...

Under the influence of the solid and practical Earth element , these three zodiac signs thrive on strength, determination, and practicality, and are at one with the physical world. They are focused and disciplined, eager to get the job done. Creating a true sense of foundation and security in the world, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are the most pragmatic signs of the zodiac.

The Astrology & Numerology of your Birthday

Ruled by the clear and direct Air element , these three zodiac signs embrace truth, conversation, and ideas. They are communicators, mediators, and fighters of truth and justice.

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With sharp minds and a real sense of social awareness, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the intellects of the zodiac. These three zodiac signs are associated with the Water element , giving them soft hearts, open minds, and old souls. They are lovers and nurturers, and live their lives with a deep understanding of what's happening around them -- the seen and the unseen. Sensitive, soulful, and connected, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the intuitives of the zodiac.

Your "zodiac sign" is so important, but it's just one of the signs that make up YOU! The Sun is just one part of your Astrology -- every key planet in our solar system has an impact on you, and is associated with a specific zodiac sign. So while you have one sign of the zodiac representing the Sun's location at your birth, you have another sign that represents your emotions the location of the Moon at your birth , your love life the location of Venus , and more!

So why is your Sun sign the most important of all? It represents who you are at your core: how you act, how you express yourself, who you are to yourself. By looking at the year of birth and the zodiac combined with other factors the result is that those born on the 1st of January are ambitions, original and normally in executive positions.

The Power of Birthdays, Stars, & Numbers: Scorpio

This person is generally affectionate and well liked. The male born on the 1st of January makes many sacrifices to his family and cares for his loved ones. In terms of friendships, those born on this date indicates that close friendships will be yours. Connecting with other people comes naturally. What is the personality of those born on the 1st of January? First of all, you will be strong in your career. But, there is various strengths and weaknesses that you hold but the good news is that you have the resilience to deal with difficult people. The first thing I will say, after being with a Capricorn man for 21 years that "being sensitive" is a trait of this star sign.

As I am writing about those people whose birthday falls on the 1st of January I will say that it is common that you will resist change and find it difficult to take a "leap" into something new in life. Like anything, goals, and tasks should be mapped out correctly and with patience. It is important for those born on the 1st of any month to be successful in their careers. On the surface, Capricorns will come across as being charming, efficient and ready to help, especially in a career.

I will also say, that this sign can be "cold" in regards to letting emotions get the better of them.

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In terms of the tarot, I would choose the king or queen of swords as a representation of those that are born on this day. Someone who is experienced and able to succeed but lacks the emotional involvement. In my life, all my relationships with men have been Capricorns. I don't know why as I am a Scorpio! But, I am stating this as I understand from a love perspective that it can be challenging for anyone to get "close" to the Capricorn and there might be a reason for this guarded outlook in life. What is the spiritual meaning of the 1st of January?

The birthstone for the 1st of January is a Garnet and the flower the snowdrop. The countdown to midnight represents a new beginning and is associated with fulfilling dreams. The fact that your birthday falls on the 1st of January is spiritually is significant as this represents a master of opening a new passage or way in life. There is something esoteric about this birthday in regard to the gnostics in occult theory. Capricorn is an air sign, and at times they seem unhappy I am sorry to say. I hope this article will help you understand that if you do feel gloomy sometimes ways to tackle this.

Hey there!

The fact you are born on the first day of the year is positive and shows that you can take new starts in your stride. I will offer you guidance on what will motivate you and how you can tackle problems in life. You are what I would say somewhat serious but with this also an authoritarian, someone who leads but also creative.

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Who am I and how can I help? My name is Flo, I am a psychic and astrologer, I have been working on understanding birthdays for the last twenty years. Here I am going to bring together all the information about your birthday which is exciting as it is the 1st of the month denotes many special connections. Congratulations to you! This is a special birthday! For those born on the 1st of January, I am sure you already know that you fall under Capricorn, which is the sea-goat sign.

In this article, I hope to give you the keys to understanding not only your personality but a spiritual understanding of such a significant birthday. The first thing I will say is that you're a leader. People are often contacting me about the significance of being born on new years day and I will now try to explain. Those born on January 1st are authoritarian, love to organize, to structure, and feel the need to give orders both at work and at home. They are studious, cherish education, and do not give up their beliefs. Although they have high aspirations, sometimes their principles, honesty, and loyalty prevent them from realizing their ambitions.

They are often marginalized by their own correctness, especially when acting by the book. Natives of January 1st have a complex personality, but sometimes contradictory. For example, although extremely responsible, they often take on too many responsibilities and cannot cope. They are sentimental, but they may close themselves, becoming unable to express their feelings. Liberal in conception, they may be conservative, even reactionary. What is the importance of new years day to your birth date?

It was the Romans that picked the date of the 1 January due to the God is known as "Janus. Interestingly, Janus had two faces he could even look forward and backward at the same time. This tells me if you were born on this day then you can easily see all angles of situations. This can imply occult growth throughout your life. Born on 1 January indicates that you may be a workaholic, the great thing is that you also hold a great sense of humor which can occur many different times.

In my research, it was clear that those people born on this day are very focused on being committed and safe in all their relationships in life. As parents, those born on the 1st of January are great mothers and fathers and often show a professional approach to life. Being born at the start of the year can indicate that you possess certain characteristics of being able to read situations and how they play out.

Even though you are trying to always win by working harder and harder there will be sacrifices that will need to be made.

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In regards to success numbers, the number one represents independence, sociability and also new beginnings and challenges.